D-shape Aluminum Alloy ScrewGate Carabiner


Essential Rope & Harness Gear

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Aluminum Alloy ScrewGate Carabiner D-shape

CLAIMANATOR’s choice for Rope & Harness locking carabiners.
Use for anchoring climbing ropes, attaching belay and 
ascender’s devices and accessories to your harness.

These Aluminum Alloy D-shape ScrewGate carabiner’s will handle 
all your Rope & Harness inspection needs.CLAIMANATE with confidence.

Screwgate Aluminum Alloy D-shape (24kN)
 Color:      Red|Green|Black
 Material:   Aluminum Alloy
 Kilonewton: 24
 Size:       4”x 2.5”
 Brand:      GM Climbing
 Weight:     53 Grams/ea.
 Quantity:   2pack & 5pack 

Auto-Lock Steel D-shape (50kN)
 Material: Steel
 Size: 3.2”x 4.8”
 Brand: Fusion Climb
 Weight: 230 Grams/ea. 
 Quantity: 1pack

FAQ: Climbing Physics – What’s a Kilonewton (kN)?

Smart ass answer – 1 Kilonewton = 1000 Newtons

Confusing answer – A Kilonewton is a measure of force. So is a Pound.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Carabiner Color

Red, Green, Black

Carabiner Count

2pack, 5pack


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