Rope & Harness RAPID Storm Kit

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The CLAIM-A-NATOR Rope and Harness RAPID Storm Kit provides the two-story steep (2SS) adjuster RAPID flexibility when surveying a risk for optimal Rope and Harness access.


The CLAIM-A-NATOR Rope and Harness RAPID Storm Kit provides the two-story steep (2SS) adjuster RAPID flexibility when surveying a risk for optimal Rope and Harness access. This 45L super duty “Bug Out” style backpack includes ALL the necessary Rope and Harness equipment to safely and efficiently adjust some of the most dangerous slopes in North America.  Complete with rope, harness, belay and ascender device’s (primary and secondary fall protection devices), and much more, “the Rope & Harness RAPID Kit will put you in front of the line, and on time.”  Light weight, super duty carry-all, RAPID is a mobile option for the CLAIM-A-NATOR’s who needs to move quickly and efficiently from one roof to another.

Rope and Harness RAPID Storm Kit includes the following: (*upgrade available)

See descriptions of each component below.

Rope & Harness RAPID Storm kit (Black | Tan | OD Green)

  • 200′, 10mm Static Climb Rope 
  • Rope/Ridge Protector. The rope will damage the ridge shingles, likewise, the ridge shingles will damage the rope. The protector is a must have.
  • Harness, XS – Waist: 24″- 27″ Legs: 17″- 21″ | S – Waist: 27”- 30”, Legs: 18”- 22” | M – Waist: 30″- 33″ Legs: 20″- 24″ | L – Waist: 33″- 36″ Legs: 22″- 26″ | XL – Waist: 36″- 39″ Legs: 24″- 28″ | XXL – Waist: 40″- 45″ Legs: 26″- 30″
  • Lite Carabineer 20kN , necessary for proper ascender function. (color may vary)
  • Medium D-shape Carabineer 12kN, secures the rope to the backpack for transport. (color may vary)
  • GriGri Belay device with assisted braking. Primary fall protection, the Ferrari of belay devices.
  • Ascender (left or right handed) Increases efficiency when ascending 10/12+ pitched slopes. Secondary fall protection. 
  • Three Tubular Webbing Anchors, 22kN. For tying off to various anchor points.
  • Nylon Runner, 22kN. Connects the harness to the ascender, making the secondary fall protection possible.
  • Throw Line Kit, assist with getting the climbing rope over the roof. 
  • Five Screw Gate Carabineers, used for connecting belay, ascender, and anchor points. (color may vary)
  • Two spike Anchors, when theirs absolutely NOTHING to anchor the rope to.
  • A 2 LB Hammer, drives those spike anchors home.
  • Knot Tying Cards, it’s seriously important the knot you tie is the right knot.
  • RAPID Backpack (optional Black, Tan, or OD Green)


  • 45″, 10.5mm pre-sewn Pursik Loop. 22kN
  • 50′, 10mm Static Climbing Rope. Accessory rope for the roof’s hip scopes. 
  • Screwgate Carabiner, 24kN. Attaches the accessory rope to the Prusik Loop
  • Rope Bag. Stores the kit. ( bag color Kryptek Typhon)

Note: The HIP WALKER is not a primary Rope & Harness system. It’s deployed in conjunction with one of the CLAIM-A-NATOR Rope & Harness Kits.

Note: There are many other R&H systems on the market, “my experience is the more complex the system is, the less likely the Adjuster will utilize it.” The 2SS RAPID Kit is time tested, 100% proven rock climbing gear that’s adapted to two-story steep roof climbing. It provides two fall protection devices, it’s light weight, and quick to deploy and rollup. With proper care and maintenance, the 2SS RAPID should last a lifetime.

*Available upgrade – Harness Tool Pouch Kit. Turn’s you harness into a tool belt.
Kit includes:
  • ScopeBoard Pouch (Blk | Tan | OD Green)
  • Tool Pouch (Blk | Tan | OD Green)
  • Chalk Pouch (Blk | Tan | OD Green)
  • Chalk Holder & Reel (Red | Sky Blue | Line Green | Hot Pink | Black)

CAUTION: Climbing two-story steep roofs is in fact a very dangerous occupation. Injuries occur every year when adjusters exceed their level of training and equipment. CLAIM-A-NATOR’s are Rope & Harness Certified and always deploy well maintained premium 2SS equipment.

Additional information

Weight 31 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 14 in
RAPID Pack Color

Black, Tan, OD Green

Harness Size

XS – Waste: 24"- 27" Legs: 17"- 21", S – Waste: 27”- 30”, Legs: 18”- 22”, M – Waste: 30"- 33" Legs: 20"- 24", L – Waste: 33"- 36" Legs: 22"- 26", XL – Waste: 36"- 39" Legs: 24"- 28", XXL – Waste: 40"- 45" Legs: 26"- 30"


Right Handed, Left Handed

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  1. Great deal and easy to use

  2. High quality equipment. Scott takes all the guests work out for you!

  3. Everything I was needing in a cool bag. Every component in the bag is top quality. I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you guys

  4. This is a fantastic complete kit with professional grade climbing/safety equipment.

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