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Hip Walker Kit – allows you to safely inspect the hip sides of the roof regardless of the pitch.


CLAIM-A-NATOR’s HIP WALKER Kit allows the two-story steep (2SS) adjuster to safely and confidently scope the hip sides of a roof. The HIP WALKER utilizes a Prusik Loop in conjunction with your already deployed rope. The Prusik Loop is a friction hitch or knot used to attach a loop of cord around a rope, and is applied in climbing, canyoneering, mountaineering, rope rescue, and now…CLAIM-A-NATING.  The HIP WALKER is a must have, and is the “Adjuster’s Choice” when scoping steep hip roofs. A complete kit for the two-story steep HIP WALKER.

2SS HIP WALKER Kit includes the following:

See descriptions of each component below.

2SS HIP WALKER Kit (Black | Tan | KRYPTEK)

  • 45″, 10.5mm pre-sewn Pursik Loop. 22kN
  • 50′, 10mm Static Climbing Rope. Accessory rope for the roof’s hip scopes. 
  • Screwgate Carabiner, 24kN. Attaches the accessory rope to the Prusik Loop
  • Rope Bag. Stores the kit. 

Note: The HIP WALKER is not a primary Rope & Harness system. It’s deployed in conjunction with one of the CLAIM-A-NATOR Rope & Harness Kits.

CAUTION: Climbing two-story steep roofs is in fact a very dangerous occupation. Injuries occur every year when adjusters exceed their level of training and equipment. CLAIM-A-NATOR’s are Rope & Harness certified and always deploy well maintained premium R&H equipment.

Additional information

Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 14 × 6 in

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  1. Again, great equipment. I got this gear because I did not want to miss out on complete accessibility. Risking life or injury due to a cheaper peace of equipment is a no-go. I can’t make money if I am injured.

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