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The CLAIM-A-NATOR’s 2-Story Steep (2SS) Adjuster Tool Belt is the most popular and widely used among the two-story steep storm adjusters. Designed by 2SS adjuster’s for 2SS adjuster’s, this rugged and versatile Fanny Pack layout streamlines each tool compartment for rapid tool access and stowaway while performing on some of the most dangerous slopes in North America. ONLY the necessary tools for roof inspections are accounted for. Keeping the Fanny Pack low profile, light, and easy to adjust around the waste, the 2SS Adjuster Tool Belt can easily shift from side to side and out of the way from the climbing rope belay, ascender and other safety equipment while maneuvering the slopes. Making the 2SS Adjuster Tool Belt ideal for the Rope & Harness inspections. Adjust with confidence, “CLAIM-A-NATOR it’s not just an attitude, it’s a lifestyle.”

Level 4 2SS Adjuster Tool Belt includes the following:

  • 2SS Adjuster Tool Belt
  • 2SS Storm Chalk Bag
  • Storm Chalk Holder w/retractable reel
  • Storm ScopeBoard Pouch
  • Storm ScopeBoard
  • Storm Lanyard
  • Storm Rail Road Chalk
  • Storm Essential Tool Kit

See descriptions of each component below.

2SS Adjuster Tool Belt (Black | Tan | OD Green)

    • Premium Quality: 600D waterproof material that’s scratch, tear and fade resistant.
    • Durable Wear: High quality polypropylene buckles and nylon straps provide extra strength and long-lasting performance. Rugged tool belts with adjuster performance in mind.
    • Design & Fit: Fanny Pack design fits snug and stays snug against your torso. The quick-disconnect  1.5″W waste band adjusts from 26″L – 50″L. 
    • Load Capacity: 609 cubic inches/2.3 liter with 4 tool compartments measures 6″L x 14.5″W x 7″H.  All compartments are enclosed heavy duty zippers to retain your tools no matter what your body’s orientation is. “No more watching your $40 tape roll off the roof.”
    • Versatility: Designed by 2SS adjusters for 2SS adjusters, the fit and finish is second to none. Each compartment is sized for specific adjuster tools and will securely carry every instrument necessary to CLAIM-A-NATE.
    • Guarantee: 100% Guarantee, 30 day money back guarantee, life time warranty.

2SS Chalk Bag (Black | Tan | OD Green)

The CLAIM-A-NATOR Chalk Bag safely and securely stows enough chalk sticks to markup even the largest properties. An adjuster’s must have to stay clean and presentable all day.

    • Premium Quality: 900D waterproof material, scratch, tear and fade resistant.
    • Durable Wear: High quality polypropylene snap buckle and nylon strap provide extra strength and long-lasting performance.
    • Design & Fit: Lined chalk bag, protects the chalk from breaking and keeps the dust in the bag and not on you. Adjustable drawstring keeps the content secure. 
    • Load Capacity: 3.4″W x 6.3″H, 1 cylindrical pocket  500ml, will hold 4 railroad chalk sticks plus a chalk holder.
    • Versatility: Multiple attachment points makes this CLAIM-A-NATOR chalk bag extremely versatile.
    • Guarantee: 100% Guarantee, 30 day money back guarantee, life time warranty.

Storm Chalk Holder w/HD Retractable Reel (Red | Sky Blue | Lime Green | Hot Pink | Black)

An adjuster’s must have when CLAIM-A-NATING 5-6-7+ roofs a day. Stay clean, chalk free, by staying hands-off the dusty residue. “No more dry cracking hands, no more chalk smears across the shirt and pants.”

    • Strong, Sturdy and durable high quality plastic. 1.3″W x 4.92″L
    • Railroad Chalk Holder firmly holds a 1″ x 4″ chalk stick. “CLAIM-A-NATORS can get down to the nub with this chalk holder.”
    • 5 Vibrant colors including black.
    • Protects your fingers from prolonged direct contact with chalk, no more dirty dry hands and chalk smears.
    • Heavy Duty retractable chalk reel, easy access helps keep your chalk holder at the ready. 
      • 32″ high grade cable with a smooth glide.
      • 2 colors, Black and tan. (The reel color is not an option, it’s matched to the Tool Belt color.) 

Storm ScopeBoard Pouch (Black | Tan | OD Green) (Will fit iPad Pro and Surface Pro tablets)

The CLAIM-A-NATOR ScopeBoard Pouch safely and securely stows most tablets, notebooks and clipboards with ease and rapid access. This large capacity dump-pouch can house a multitude of items not common on the adjuster’s list.

    • Premium Quality: 900D waterproof material that’s scratch, tear and fade resistant.
    • Durable Wear: High quality nylon straps and metal button snaps provide extra strength and long-lasting performance. 
    • Design & Fit: Tightly secured and lined, the ScopeBoard Pouch will protect the most vulnerable notepads, tablets and documents. Adjustable drawstring keeps the content secure. 
    • Load Capacity: 10″W x 12″H, 1 large capacity dump pouch a CLAIM-A-NATOR will find 1 million uses for. 
    • Versatility: Riding high on the waste and 2 strong attachment points, this bag is well balanced and not going anywhere.
    • Guarantee: 100% Guarantee, 30 day money back guarantee, life time warranty.

Storm ScopeBoard w/HD Retractable Reel (Red | Sky Blue | Lime Green | Hot Pink | Black)

The CLAIM-A-NATOR ScopeBoard is designed to assist with documenting storm damage. It makes important scope notes, elevation and roof diagrams easy and efficient. The lightweight Storm ScopeBoard can maximize your production with 3 easy ways to stow while deploying other tools. 1) attached to your neck lanyard, 2) attached to your tool belt reel, or 3) tucked away in your ScopeBoard Pouch…stay organized as you CLAIM-A-NATE.

    • Strong, lightweight and durable high impact plastic clipboard. 9″W x 12.5″L
    • Durable polished metal low profile clip w/sturdy long lasting spring. A retractable hanging loop for neck and waist lanyard use.
    • 5 Vibrant colors including black.
    • StraightLines/grid sheet provides professional CLAIM-A-NATOR looking field scope document results. 
    • Heavy duty sheet protector mounted on backside of the ScopeBoard for quick access to EagleView and other perimeter diagrams.
    • Heavy duty elastic band keeps your scope notes in order, on the board and not in somebody else’s yard.
    • Extra clipboard pen attachment point.
    • Decimal conversion strip for quick linear feet and inches calculations.
    • Heavy Duty retractable ScopeBoard reel, provides easy access and helps keep your Scopeboard at the ready. 
      • 2″ stainless steel construction 20oz reel. “You’re humping too much stuff Troop if you overload this HD gear reel.”
      • 28″ heavy duty aramid fiber cord with an 80lb minimum breaking strength.
      • Heavy duty spring carabineer for secure mounting of the ScopeBoard. Easy on/off spring clip to stow the ScopeBoard away.

Storm Lanyard Kit (Black | OD Green | Gray)

This lanyard is designed to carry the load, the entire load. For super-efficient CLAIM-A-NATOR scoping and no time wasted retrieving and stowing frequently used adjusting tools. Attached, the lanyard harnesses the lightweight ScopeBoard, a digital camera, ID badge, and red ink pen. “All can be quickly detached with the quick-disconnect buckle and stowed away.”

    • 23″ thick, durable and round cord. 3 available colors.
    • Adjustable lanyard w/safety breakaway buckle.
    • Machine washable.
    • Detachable metal clasp and quick-disconnect buckle for easy ScopeBoard stowaway.
    • 9.5″L camera lanyard and plastic snap clip.
    • Red ink “erasable” pen for efficient field notes. “Even a CLAIM-A-NATOR makes penmanship errors every now and then.” 
    • Retractable pen lanyard for quick and easy access.  

Storm Railroad Chalk (Yellow | White | Red | Blue)

“Adjusters Choice” 4″L x 1″W tapered industrial railroad chalk. Chalk sticks used for temporary markings on roof and other building materials.

    • Ideal for bright temporary markings.
    • Box of 72 sticks-PMA Certified Non-Toxic.
    • The original marking chalk since 1835.

 2SS Essential Tool Kit  includes the following:

  • 30’ FATMAX Tape (30′ by default, 25′-35′-40′ optional)
  • 100’ FATMAX Long Tape
  • Pitch Gauge
  • Metal Gauge
  • 7” Pry Bar
  • Mechanix Vent Gloves

See descriptions below for additional information.

2SS Essential Tool Kit  

    • 30′ Stanley FATMAX Tape Measure. “Adjuster’s Choice” length.
    • 100′ Stanley FATMAX Long Tape Measure Reel. For roof and elevation measurements. 
    • DGOL heavy duty stainless steel metal gauge. Accurate for measuring metal/aluminum roof and sidewall materials.
    • Johnson Controls Pitch/Slope Gauge. Accurate for measuring roof pitch.
    • HYDE super duty 1.5″ putty knife. Flexible and sturdy for lifting and assessing building materials.
    • Mechanix Wear Vented Gloves. Stay cool and dry while protecting the hands from sharp, jagged building materials.

The CLAIM-A-NATOR 2SS Adjuster Tool Belt will securely carry ALL your essential tools to scope roof damage. Adjust the claim with confidence, efficiency and style.

Additional information

Weight 12.8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 14.5 × 7 in
Storm 2SS Tool Belt and Pouch Color

Black, Tan, OD Green

Chalk Holder and ScopeBoard Color

Red, Sky Blue, Lime Green, Hot Pink, Black

Storm Lanyard Color

Black, OD Green, Gray

Railroad Chalk Color

Red, White, Blue, Yellow

FatMax Tape Length

25', 30', 35', 40'

Mechanix Vent Gloves Size

Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large


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