Storm Chalk Holder Reel


“Retractable Gear Reel”


Storm Chalk Holder Reel  - (Black | Tan | OD Green | Black-Camo) 

Keep that chalk stick close and ready. Heavy duty retractable reel allows for rapid access and stowaway. An adjuster’s must have when CLAIM-A-NATING 5-6-7+ roofs a day.

CLAIM-A-NATE with speed and efficiency!

Storm Chalk Holder Reel/Gear Reel

    • Designed with a durable ABS casing that’s impact-resistant and weatherproof for use in any active indoor or outdoor environment.
    • Heavy Duty retractable chalk reel, easy access helps keep your chalk holder at the ready. 
    • Retractable chalk holder is engineered with a 32 inches high grade cable that extends & glides smoothly for easy access and won’t wear out with regular daily use.
    • 6-8oz retention. (Light duty)
    • 4 colors, Black | Tan | Black-Camo | OD Green. 

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 5 in
Chalk Reel Color

Black, Tan, OD Green, Black-Camo


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