Storm Adjuster Tool Belt Level 3-Build your bag


The flagship of the CLAIM-A-NATOR Storm Series, the STORM Adjuster Tool Belt is the most popular and widely used of the storm adjuster gear.  

Our STORM Adjuster Tool Belt - Level 3 is the perfect choice for any adjuster that is looking to store tools in a convenient and safe way. Made with the strongest materials, this level 1 belt comes with a 100% money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty so that you can now work with confidence.

Our STORM Adjuster Tool Belt - Level 3 combines the previous 2 levels and adds the ScopeBoard, Lanyard Kit and a case of Dixon Railroad Chalk.

"CLAIM-A-NATOR it's not just an attitude, it's a lifestyle.

See descriptions of each component below.

What's Included
  • STORM Adjuster Tool Belt
  • STORM Chalk Bag
  • Chalk Holder w/retractable reel
  • ScopeBoard Pouch
  • ScopeBoard Kit w/retractable reel
  • Lanyard Kit
  • Dixon Railroad Chalk/Case
Product specs
  • Premium Quality: 1050D waterproof material that's scratch, tear and fade resistant.
  • Durable Wear: High quality polypropylene buckles and nylon straps provide extra strength and long-lasting performance. Rugged tool belts with adjuster performance in mind.
  • Design & Fit: Drop-Leg design fits snug and stay snug against your leg and torso. The quick-disconnect  1.5"W waste band adjusts from 26"L - 47.2"L. The quick-disconnect 1.5"W Drop-Leg band adjusts from 19"L - 32"L.
  • Load Capacity: 720 cubic inches/11.8 liter with 8 tool compartments measures 6"L x 10"W x 12"H.  All compartments are enclosed by flaps w/quick-disconnect buckles or dual zippers to retain your tools no matter what your body's orientation is.
  • Versatility: Designed by adjusters for adjusters, the fit and finish is second to none. Each compartment is sized for specific adjuster tools and will securely carry every instrument necessary to CLAIM-A-NATE.

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Loading your Storm Adjuster Tool Belt

A short stop-motion video showing the recommended way of loading your Storm Adjuster Tool Belt