Owner of Claim-A-Nator on a ladder smiling at the camera

Myself, I’ve been in the catastrophe claims biz for 28 glorious years, motivated in helping policyholders recover after a catastrophic loss.

One of my favorite quotes, “God starts the healing, while the Insurance starts the rebuilding.” 

What motivates me today is helping others achieve their dream of one day becoming a CLAIM-A-NATOR, like myself.

I’ve born many a BABY CLAIM-A-NATOR, over the years I’ve watched them grow, developing into a rock-solid adjuster. That gives me GREAT satisfaction!

Do you want to become a CLAIM-A-NATOR?

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Claimanator’s Storm Adjuster Gear is a total gear system designed to maximize the adjuster’s performance with military grade tool belts, pouches, and state-of-the art tools and accessories.

All combined, CLAIM-A-NATOR Adjuster Gear will guarantee efficiency for both the novice and seasoned adjusters. Time tested and street proven, our gear holdups to the most rigorous daily and catastrophe claims handling. Like golf, the club choice is just as critical as the swing, both have a direct impact on the success of the shot.

Our flagship is the STORM Adjuster Tool Belt is 28 years in the making, “designed by adjusters for adjusters,” It’s a totally custom built (without the custom price) tool belt that houses all the tools necessary to scope interior, exterior, and roof damage.

It’s military grade with materials and construction second to none. Our modular system concept allows the adjuster to add and remove tools and pouches as needed and comes in a wave of options. Because it is totally customizable, the adjuster can build his/her tool belt with a wide range of color choices, tool options, and accessories. That you won’t find anywhere else, and it’s the last tool belt you’ll ever purchase.

 Why you ask? Because all our military grade belts and pouches come with a Lifetime Warranty.