Storm adjuster gear for adjusters may by adjusters.

"It's not just an attitude, it's a lifestyle!"

From the people
From the people
The kit has everything you need to be successful scoping and being safe. Everything included is top of the line. I'm very comfortable with this gear.
— David B. from Fort Worth, TX
From the people
Again, great equipment. I got this gear because I did not want to miss out on complete accessibility. Risking life or injury due to a cheaper peace of equipment is a no-go. I can’t make money if I am injured.
— Timothy C. from Peoria, AZ
From the people
This adjuster tool belt quickly changed how I go prepared to adjust. Not only does it hold my tools as described, it also has the advantage of being made of a sturdy material. There is nothing cheap on this tool belt and it is designed perfectly for the full-time professional adjuster. It’s designed to stay close to the body without feeling bulky or over the top. I often get comments about it by insureds and can see their confidence in me grow. What I also really like about this tool belt is that it’s customizable, meaning that I can rotate the bag to the other side of my body and that I can add an additional pouch if needed. Great product!

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