Technical Climbing Rope


The 11 mm Big Wall rope utilizes polyester in the sheath and nylon in the core. The core and sheath yarns are both cabled construction for durability. This combination allows this rope to have excellent handling characteristics and knotability along with a high tensile strength and reduced bulk. Made to withstand the rigors of demanding situations where smaller diameter ropes are desired. 

Static Climbing Rope includes your choice of the following lengths:

  •  200’ BlueWater 11mm Static climbing rope, 30.2kN
  • 115’ BlueWater 11mm, Static climbing rope, 30.2kN
  • 50’ BlueWater (HIP WALKER) 11mm Static climbing rope, 30.2kN

    CAUTION: Climbing two-story steep roofs is in fact a very dangerous occupation. Injuries occur every year when adjusters exceed their level of training and equipment. CLAIM-A-NATOR's are Rope & Harness certified and always deploy well maintained premium R&H equipment.

    Product Specs

    Rope classifications:
    NFPA 2500(1983) Life Safety Rope – Technical Use
    EN 1891 Low Stretch Kernmantle Rope – Type A
    UIAA 107 Low Stretch Ropes

    @ 300 lbf = 2.9%
    @ 600 lbf = 6.2%
    @ 1000 lbf = 8.2%

    Diameter:    7/16″ (11.5mm)
    Grams Per Meter:    88
    Tensile Strength:    7,399 lbf (32.9 kN)
    Sheath Mass:    53%
    Weight Per 100 Feet:    6.6 lbs

    Technical Climbing Rope - 200’ Static / Yes is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.