2SS Chalk Bag Kit


2-Story Steep Chalk Bag

The CLAIM-A-NATOR  Storm Chalk Bag Kit is designed for the 2-Story Steep (2SS) Adjuster Tool Belt but will attach to any clip, D-ring or buckle. Chalk Bag, Chalk Holder &  Reel, and a case (72ct.) of Dixon Railroad Chalk will put you ahead of the pack. An adjuster's must have when CLAIM-A-NATING 5-6-7+ roofs a day.  A case of Dixon chalk should last a couple hail/wind storms. 

The CLAIM-A-NATOR Chalk Bag safely and securely stows enough chalk sticks to markup even the largest properties. An adjuster's must have to stay clean, chalk free, by staying hands-off the dusty residue. "No more dry cracking hands, no more chalk smears across the shirt and pants."

What's Included

2SS Chalk Bag

  • Premium Quality: 900D waterproof material, scratch, tear and fade resistant.
  • Durable Wear: High quality polypropylene snap buckle and nylon strap provide extra strength and long-lasting performance.
  • Design & Fit: Lined chalk bag, protects the chalk from breaking and keeps the dust in the bag and not on you. Adjustable drawstring keeps the content secure. 
  • Load Capacity:3.4"W x 6.3"H, 1 cylindrical pocket  500ml, will hold 4 railroad chalk sticks plus a chalk holder.
  • Versatility:Multiple attachment points makes this CLAIM-A-NATOR chalk bag extremely versatile.
  • Guarantee: 100% Guarantee, 30 day money back guarantee, lifetime warranty.

Chalk Holder

  • Strong, Sturdy and durable high quality plastic. 1.3"W x 4.92"L
  • Railroad Chalk Holder firmly holds a 1" x 4" chalk stick. "CLAIM-A-NATORS can get down to the nub with this chalk holder."
  • Protects your fingers from prolonged direct contact with chalk, no more dirty dry hands and chalk smears.
  • 5 Vibrant colors

Chalk Holder Reel

  • Heavy Duty retractable chalk reel, easy access helps keep your chalk holder at the ready.
  • 32" high grade cable with a smooth glide.
  • 2 colors, Black and tan. (The reel color is matched to the Tool Belt color.) 

Chalk (case of 72pcs.)