Adjuster Tool Belt Shoulder Strap


A super durable Shoulder Strap for those “BIG DADDY” CLAIM-A-NATOR’s. The Shoulder Strap attaches to the STORM Adjuster Tool Belt and helps secure the tool belt to the waste. No more tool belt sliding down, no more constantly having to pull you tool belt back up to the hips. The bungee cords on both ends allow for a full overhead reach without pulling you tool belt up. A large adjuster's must have when CLAIM-A-NATING with comfort and confidence.

What's Included
  • 1- 1.5” nylon webbing Shoulder Strap. Length range’s from 48” to 75” (tip to tip) Fits a large frame to a XXXXL frame body.
  • Heavy duty metal snap hooks.
  • Durable nylon bungee cords.
  • High impact polymer buckles and adjuster.