Ansell ActivArmr® Gray Medium Light-Duty Nitrile Palm Coated Work Gloves

By Ansell

In hazardous workplaces where extreme conditions threaten workers’ safety, ActivArmr® is your first line of defense.

A CLAIM-A-NATOR’s must have when working high volume catastrophe claims. Gloves wear out almost as fast as the roof chalk we use, these multi-purpose light duty gloves are thin enough to feel those hail bruises, yet durable enough to last  many deployments. “Climbing roofs all day demands the best of the best, these are the CLAIM-A-NATOR’s choice.”

ActivArmr delivers solutions that mitigate injuries and provides workers with the armored protection needed amid extreme risks in challenging environments. That’s why our ActivArmr products have been designed to push the frontiers of comfort, protection, and performance in the specialized hand protection segment. If you’re on the lookout for the perfect welding or impact glove, the ActivArmr range of protection solutions will enable workers to maximize productivity while minimizing risk.

Product Specs
  • The ActivArmr® Multipurpose Light Duty glove gives just the right level of protection, while providing the ultimate “second skin” feel (Cut Level 1, Abrasion Level 1)
  • A foam nitrile coating provides dexterity and enhanced wet or dry grip
  • The breathable nylon liner offers both durability and comfort
  • The glove features a slip wrist design for comfort