Clip Board Reel

By Key-Bak

The Clip Board Reel provides an easy and efficient way to access your scope board. With a 20 oz retraction force and a 28" reach, you can confidently access the vital information you need quickly and securely, for maximum efficiency.

No more jostling your scope notes and board when both hands are needed to perform other functions, the reel keeps your scope notes at the ready.

This reel conveniently retracts various lightweight CLAIM-A-NATOR tools, including the pitch gauge, shingle gauge, laser measurer, and flashlight.

CLAIM-A-NATE with confidence, KEY-BAK Retractable Reel is a “CLAIM-A-NATOR’s Choice”

Downloadable care guides

Keep clean of debris.

Note: The retractable reel is rated for a 20 oz load and will perform efficiently over time within this load range.

Overloading the reel will cause failures that may include the reel to unwind at rest or when body motion involves bouncing. Overloading stresses to the reel mechanism may cause catastrophic failure.

A typical CLAIM-A-NATOR Scope board with 8-10 sheets of paper and a Straightline sheet is well within the 20 oz load range.