Connect A Desk


Connect-A-Desk is the desk that connects to you so you can use your laptop, tablet, or clipboard with both hands free. The Connect-A-Desk laptop body harness and desk system makes any laptop truly mobile. Having the ability to move around can be of great value to almost any laptop user. Protect your laptop or tablet from being dropped while improving performance with the Connect-A-Desk.

Writing interior sketches, estimates, and taking notes onsite is the preferred method of scoping damage. Hands free to work the laser distance measurer while inputting all the room’s measurements into the estimating software is fast and efficient. Having the ability to move around, scope and write an interior estimate is a great value to a CLAIM-A-NATOR. Inspect, write, and close more claims with the Connect-A-Desk.

  • Includes everything you need to use your laptop while walking or standing.
  •  Adjustable to fit any size person.
  • Quick and easy to put on and takeoff.
  • Fits into most computer bags.
  • Adjustable safety strap to secure your laptop.
  • Machine washable and detachable nonslip surface.
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort.
  • It’s truly mobile and portable, no need for a laptop cart or stand.
  • writing estimates on site with your laptop while having ability to move around can be a great benefit to a CLAIM-A-NATOR.
What's Included
  • Connect-A-Desk / Black
  • Laser Distance Measurer (LDM) Pouch / Black
Product Specs
  • Laptop Body Harness / Mobile Desk
  • Materials are plastic and nylon
  • Color is black
  • LDM pouch holds both a Laser Distance Measurer and a Moisture Meter
  • Dimensions are 12” x 10” x 2”
  • Weight is 1.75 lbs