5 Pack D-shape Aluminum Alloy ScrewGate Carabiners


Optimized carabiner with SCREW LOCKING system, is intended for multiple mountaineering uses: attach belay system to harness, rigging, connecting, anchoring; and covers numerous outdoor/indoor applications.

CLAIMANATOR’s choice for Rope & Harness locking carabiners.  Use for anchoring climbing ropes, attaching belay and ascender’s devices and accessories to your harness.

These Aluminum Alloy D-shape ScrewGate carabiner’s will handle all your Rope & Harness inspection needs.

CLAIMANATE with confidence. 

FAQ: Climbing Physics - What's a Kilonewton (kN)?

  • Simple answer: 1 Kilonewton = 224.809 Pounds
  • Smart-ass answer: 1 Kilonewton = 1000 Newtons
  • Confusing answer - A Kilonewton is a measure of force. So is a Pound.
What's Included

5 Locking-Carabiners