Dixon 144 Count Fluorescent Yellow Green Railroad Chalk

By Dixon
The original marking chalk for temporary markings on metal, wood, stone, and paperboard since 1835. This smooth marking chalk is ideal for bright temporary marks. A case of Dixon chalk should last a CLAIM-A-NATOR  a couple hail/wind storms. Designed by adjuster’s, for adjuster’s.

Dixon American Marking Crayons are top quality, long lasting, wax crayons preferred by shippers and packers. These yellow-green crayons will not melt in the sunlight and measure 5 x 9/16 inches. Packed 12 per box.

Product Specs
  • Chalk is scannable with UV scanning equipment
  • 4" x 1" tapered sticks
  • Easy grip chalk
  • 144 sticks per box
  • PMA Certified Non-toxic