Double-Pull Ladder Pack Mule


CLAIM-A-NATOR has done it again! Double-Pull Ladder Pack Mule is a game-changing tool for claim adjusters. With its innovative design, it allows you to easily transport a telescoping ladder for those challenging double-pulls on elevated slopes. Say goodbye to difficult climbs and hello to increased efficiency and safety.

The Double-Pull Ladder Pack Mule, built for durability with a lightweight steel frame and military grade materials. Experience comfort and mobility with extra padding in key areas. This pack mule will withstand the test of time, and will fit any make/model telescoping ladder.

The Double-Pull Ladder Pack Mule makes ladder safety a breeze. No more defying gravity or damaging gutters, eaves, and parapet walls with double-pulling. Keep yourself safe and your ladder secure with the convenience and reliability of this must-have tool.

       ******* Telescoping ladder NOT INCLUDED. *******

Xtend+Climb 770P+ Telescoping ladder sold separately. CLAIM-A-NATOR recommends the 770P+ for a full 2nd-story access. (770P+ shown in images) 

CLAIM-A-NATE with confidence!



What's Included

Double-pull ladder pack mule. NOTE: Telescopic ladder not included.

Product Specs
  • Color: Kryptek - HIGHLANDER.
  • 1000D Kryptek Cordura fabric skin.
  • Removable foam pad insert.
  • Military grade shoulder straps.
  • Contour grip carry handle.
  • Lightweight Steel Frame.
  • Durable military grade strap to secure ladder to frame.
  • Dimensions: 12" x 3" x 29"
  • 6 LB.

Removable Cordura fabric skin for washer/dryer cleaning.