HAAG 4/09 Shingle Gauge


The 4/09 Shingle Gauge™ measures the thickness of a shingle, and based on analyses made by Haag, correlates that thickness to a warranty level. Knowing a warranty level can be important in determining what a comparable replacement shingle might be. While the Shingle Gauge™ was designed with the strictest analytical tolerances possible, we still consider it an estimating tool due to a small number of shingles which do not conform to the gauge. Haag created the 4/09 Shingle Gauge™ by testing asphalt-based composition shingles. Modified asphalt shingles (commonly called "impact resistant") were not included in our testing and are not applicable to the 4/09 Shingle Gauge™.

Haag Engineering's Research/Testing Dept. will continue to monitor the industry and evaluate the Shingle Gauge to deliver the most accurate estimating tool possible.

How do you use the “4/09” Shingle GaugeTM?
1. Locate the appropriate shingle type on the Gauge (3-tab asphalt fiberglass or 3-tab organic), and use that part of the Gauge to take your measurement.
2. Gently lift a shingle tab and slide the Gauge onto the butt end of the tab.
3. Stop and take your reading when you feel the slightest resistance.

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