Collapsible ScopeBoard


Stay organized as you CLAIM-A-NATE. The lightweight folding aluminum ScopeBoard can maximize your production and storage space. 

The Collapsible ScopeBoard is a one-of-a-kind patented folding clipboard made of lightweight aluminum.

The Collapsible ScopeBoard is designed to assist with documenting storm damage, increasing your efficiency.  It's lightweight construction allows you to maximize your production and store up to 30 pieces of paper.

Three easy ways to carry while deploying other tools.

  1. Attached to your neck lanyard,
  2. Attached to your tool belt reel or
  3. Collapse and tuck away in your ScopeBoard Pouch...stay organized as you CLAIM-A-NATE.

This clipboard is ideal for construction workers, contractors, technicians, sales, marketing or any other field requiring a handy hard surface to write on and carry.

CLAIM-A-NATOR provides Collapsible ScopeBoard has two options to choose from:

  • With StraightLines sheet installed
  • Without StraightLines sheet
ScopeBoard Color