The PETZL RIG delivers convenient, efficient control of the descent, thanks to a self-braking handle and AUTO-LOCK system. Its easy-to-grasp design enables users to quickly position themselves without manipulating the handle or tying off the device. Its simple, reliable alternative to traditional descenders ensures safe and secure rope access.

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    Additional Information

    • In general, take care of your safety gear. Do not leave it lying about anywhere. Do not throw your gear on the ground.
    • Never store your gear in a damp place where mold can develop (damp closets, bags and waterproof containers with moisture inside). For long-distance travel, beware of moisture in containers during transit, in ports or airports, especially in salty environments.
    • Remove your gear from packs after each activity, even if cleaning isn't necessary.
    • Let all your gear air-dry away from UV sources (ultraviolet rays).
    • Avoid proximity to heat sources such as direct sunlight, wood fires, or a radiator.

    • After use in a salty environment (seaside), rinse with fresh water.
    • Use a small brush to remove oily dirt or mud.
    • Wash your gear in lukewarm soapy water (ph neutral, 30 °C maximum), then rinse thoroughly with fresh tap water.
    • Do not use acid or harsh cleaners. Do not use WD 40 type degreasers as these products remove lubricants and their abrasive effect can accelerate wear.
    • Certain metal gear also has plastic parts. Use only household face and body soap. All other cleaning products, for example solvents, stain removers, degreasers, etc. are too strong and not compatible with plastic materials.
    • Do not use a high pressure water sprayer. High pressure water spray can remove lubricants and damage joints.
    • If lubricating is necessary. Lubricate only with fluid oils (machine oil) or graphite powder.
    • After lubricating, clean oil residue with a cloth to avoid getting oil on slings or ropes.