Piggyback ADJ-MINI Extension Ladder Rack


Piggyback Ladder Rack - Provides safe & easy transport of ladders!

Claimanator’s use the Piggyback Ladder Rack System, no more ladder tie down hassles. Secure your ladder to your vehicle with a rack that cradles your ladder to eliminate sideways movement and wind drift.

Piggyback Ladder Rack is the “Adjuster’s Choice” for ladder mounts.

The PiggyBack Ladder Rack (Model ADJ-MINI) is designed to carry step ladders, multi-position ladders or extension ladders on a safe, easy to use rack.

The ADJ-MINI ladder rack is an adjustable width ladder rack that can be configured to fit either step ladders, multi-positional ladders or extension ladders.  The ADJ-MINI is similar in function to the ADJ-4 and ADJ-6 adjustable ladder racks. 

The ADJ-MINI ladder rack has tabs on the ends of the cross bars to eliminate lateral movement of ladders instead of side rails. The ladder rack is constructed of 1/8 inch thick high grade 5052-H32 aluminum sheet commonly used for the bodies of boats, buses, trucks, and trailers. 5052-H32 aluminum has a high resistance to corrosion from chemicals and salt water.

Dimensions of rack are variable width and 4 inches in height (not including mounting brackets). Racks are custom laser cut. Mounting brackets are stainless steel for strength and durability. Low, sleek profile sits almost directly on top of your factory roof rack. Racks can be assembled in multiple configurations to fit any vehicle having a factory installed roof rack with cross bars. Ladder racks can also be installed on after market roof racks such as ‘Yakima’ or ‘Thule’. 

NOTE: Ladder rack does not include ladder.  Mini racks are not recommended for use on round cross bars of roof racks.

Patent Pending/Made in the USA 

Product Specs
  • Model - ADJ-MINI
  • Length - 4 inches
  • Width - Variable
  • Height - 3 inches (not including mounting brackets)
  • Frame - 5052-H32 Aluminum
  • Mounting Brackets - Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: Single ladder
  • Weight Limit (ladder and rack): Weight limit subject to roof luggage rack.

9.5 LB