Prusik Loop Protector


The Prusik Loop Protector, a “CLAIM-A-NATOR’s Choice”

The Prusik Loop Protector guards the friction knot/Prusik Loop from serious shingle abrasion while scoping those steep hip slopes with the HIP Walker. Made of high quality industrial-coated fire-retardant vinyl fabric (Yellow) features durability and strength galore. Made to handle extreme outdoor conditions and heavy stress, this sturdy multipurpose PVC vinyl fabric has a nice soft hand. This vinyl is treated to prevent UV damage and mildew. Prolong the life of your Prusik Loop with CLAIM-A-NATOR’s Prusik Loop Protector.

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Product Specs
  • 18oz PVC vinyl fabric
  • 8in x 8in protector pad
  • Perimeter hook & loop for a secure enclosure
  • Reinforced Loop opening
  • Double stitched for maximum life
  • Opposite tabs for easy hook & loop separation