Anchor Spikes


For those inspections where there’s absolutely NOTHING to anchor your rope to.

The CLAIM-A-NATOR Rope Anchor Spikes is a must have for those inspections that lack adequate anchor points to tie your rope onto. Two Anchor Spikes for a front and back anchoring system. The Anchor Spikes are designed so that when driven into the ground at the proper 45 degree angle, the likelihood of striking a buried line is unlikely. The Rope Anchor Spike provide a safe and secure Rope & Harness inspection.

Two 18 inch steel anchor spikes with welded rings for nylon straps or carabiner attachment points and a durable 2 inch tubular nylon webbing sheath keeps the anchor spikes from tearing a hole in your equipment bag is included.

Product Specs
  • 2- all steel Anchor Spikes with welded attachment rings.
  • 1- 2 inch tubular nylon webbing sheath