Rope & Harness RAPID Storm Kit 2.0


The CLAIM-A-NATOR Rope and Harness RAPID Storm Kit 2.0 provides the two-story steep (2SS) adjuster RAPID flexibility when surveying a risk for optimal rope and harness access.

45L "Bug Out" backpack includes Rope & Harness for safely/efficiently adjusting North America's most dangerous slopes. Complete with rope, harness, and more, RAPID is lightweight, super duty, and a mobile option for the CLAIM-A-NATOR's who need to adjust multiple roofs quickly and efficiently.

Note: The HIP WALKER is not a primary Rope & Harness system. It's deployed in conjunction with one of the CLAIM-A-NATOR Rope & Harness Kits.

"There are many other R&H systems on the market, my experience is the more complex the system is, the less likely the Adjuster will utilize it."

- Scott Williams, Mr. Claim-A-Nator.

CAUTION: Climbing two-story steep roofs is in fact a very dangerous occupation. Injuries occur every year when adjusters exceed their level of training and equipment. CLAIM-A-NATOR's are Rope & Harness Certified and always deploy well maintained premium 2SS equipment.

What's Included
  • 200', 11mm Static Climb Rope
  • Rope/Ridge Protector. The rope will damage the ridge shingles, likewise, the ridge shingles will damage the rope. The protector is a must have.
  • Harness
  • Lite Carabineer 20kN , necessary for proper ascender function. (color may vary)
  • Medium D-shape Carabineer 12kN, secures the rope to the backpack for transport. (color may vary)
  • PETZL RIG, compact self breaking descender for rope access. Primary fall protection, the Ferrari of belay devices.
  • PETZL Ascender (left or right handed) Increases efficiency when ascending 10/12+ pitched slopes. Secondary fall protection. 
  • Three Tubular Webbing Anchors, 22kN. For tying off to various anchor points.
  • Nylon Runner, 22kN. Connects the harness to the ascender, making the secondary fall protection possible.
  • Throw Line Kit, assist with getting the climbing rope over the roof. 
  • Five Screw Gate Carabineers, used for connecting belay, ascender, and anchor points. (color may vary)
  • Two spike Anchors, when theirs absolutely NOTHING to anchor the rope to.
  • A 2 LB Hammer, drives those spike anchors home.
  • Knot Tying Cards, it's seriously important the knot you tie is the right knot.
  • RAPID Backpack.


  • 45", 10.5 mm pre-sewn Pursik Loop. 22kN
  • 50', 11mm Static Climbing Rope. Accessory rope for the roof's hip scopes. 
  • Screwgate Carabiner, 24kN. Attaches the accessory rope to the Prusik Loop
  • Rope Bag. Stores the kit. ( bag color Kryptek Typhon)

31 LB


Power Line Launcher

As a STORM Adjuster, you often encounter steep and or high roofs you must climb in order to inspect for wind or hail damage. Learn how to use the CLAIM-A-NATOR Power Line Launcher to deploy your rope over a roof in preparation of a safe effective inspection.