HIP WALKER Kit for 2 story steep


The HIP WALKER Kit from CLAIM-A-NATOR, enables the 2SS adjuster to accurately evaluate the hip aspects of a roof in a secure manner.

This is accomplished by means of a Prusik Loop which merges with a rope that has already been set up in your kit. The Prusik Loop is a knot technique which binds a cord to a rope and is used in climbing, canyoneering, mountaineering, and rope rescue as well as for CLAIM-A-NATING.

The HIP WALKER is a must have, and is the "Adjuster's Choice" when scoping steep hip roofs. A complete kit for the two-story steep HIP WALKER.

PLEASE NOTE: The HIP WALKER is not a primary Rope & Harness system. It's deployed in conjunction with one of the CLAIM-A-NATOR Rope & Harness Kits.

CAUTION: Climbing two-story steep roofs is in fact a very dangerous occupation. Injuries occur every year when adjusters exceed their level of training and equipment. CLAIM-A-NATOR's are Rope & Harness certified and always deploy well maintained premium R&H equipment.

Product Specs
  • 45", 10.5mm pre-sewn Pursik Loop. 22kN
  • 50', 10mm Static Climbing Rope. Accessory rope for the roof's hip scopes. 
  • Screwgate Carabiner, 24kN. Attaches the accessory rope to the Prusik Loop
  • Kryptek Rope Bag stores the kit. 

3.2 LB


Use the Climbing Rope Cleaner and Brush kit with cool to lukewarm water. Submerge in a bathtub or pail. Agitate to remove dirt. Rinse in clean water. Remove all soap residue. Air dry in shade. Avoid cleaners with bleach. Soap harmful to skin is harmful to your rope.

Power Line Launcher

As a STORM Adjuster, you often encounter steep and or high roofs you must climb in order to inspect for wind or hail damage. Learn how to use the CLAIM-A-NATOR Power Line Launcher to deploy your rope over a roof in preparation of a safe effective inspection.