Rope & Harness Technical KIT


The CLAIM-A-NATOR Rope & Harness Technical Kit is a TECHNICAL roof access solution that has been tested over time, with proven safety and performance for two-story/steep roof inspections. This super duty, professional-grade kit is designed for rapid deployment and roll up, featuring two fall protection devices, and includes EVERYTHING necessary for your Rope & Harness assignment. 

This Technical Kit includes advanced technologies across all spectrums, including a rope deployment system, technical climbing rope, tactical harness/tool belt, state of the art ascender, self-braking descender, advanced anchoring system, and much more.

Two carry systems are available. 1- RAPID Technical Kit (backpack) is a mobile option for the CLAIM-A-NATOR who need's to move quickly and efficiently from one roof to another. 2- DUFFEL Technical Kit (duffel bag) has a larger carry capacity for more gear storage. 

"There are many other rope and harness systems on the market, my experience is the more complex the system is, the less likely the adjuster will utilize it." - Scott Williams

CLAIM-A-NATOR Rope & Harness Kits are designed around rapid accent and decent technical rock climbing gear. Lightweight, durable, time tested, and proven, with claims adjusting focus for speed. Designed by adjusters for adjuster. 

By providing proper care and upkeep, the Rope & Harness Technical KIT can be expected to last for years to come.

CAUTION: Climbing two-story steep roofs is in fact a very dangerous occupation. Injuries occur every year when adjusters exceed their level of training and equipment. CLAIM-A-NATOR's are Rope & Harness Certified and always deploy well maintained premium R&H equipment.

What's Included
  • BLUEWATER 200', 11mm Static Technical Climbing Rope
  • Rope/Ridge Protector,
  • PETZL Tactical Seat Harness ASPIC, (one size fits all)
  • CLAIM-A-NATOR Harness Tool Pouch Set,
  • Black Diamond Lite Carabineer 20kN,
  • Medium D-shape Carabineer 12kN,
  • PETZL RIG , compact self-braking descender for rope access.
  • PETZL Ascension (left or right handed)
  • Three 48" Tubular Webbing Anchors Loops, 22kN,
  • Nylon Runner, 22kN,
  • CLAIM-A-NATOR Power Line Launcher Kit,
  • Five GM Climb Screw Gate Carabineers,
  • Two Anchors Spikes with sheath,
  • 2 LB Hammer,
  • Knot Tying Cards,
  • Choice between two carry systems
  • Power line launcher
  • Harness Tool Pouch Set

42 LB


Power Line Launcher

As a STORM Adjuster, you often encounter steep and or high roofs you must climb in order to inspect for wind or hail damage. Learn how to use the CLAIM-A-NATOR Power Line Launcher to deploy your rope over a roof in preparation of a safe effective inspection.