Storm Chalk Holder & Retractable Reel


Storm Chalk Holder & Retractable Reel - (Red | Sky Blue | Lime Green | Hot Pink | Black)

An adjuster's must have when CLAIM-A-NATING 5-6-7+ roofs a day. Stay clean, chalk free, by staying hands-off the dusty residue. "No more dry cracking hands, no more chalk smears across the shirt and pants."

    What's Included

    Dixon Chalk Holder

    • Strong, Sturdy and durable high quality plastic. 1.3"W x 4.92"L chalk holders.
    • Dixon Railroad Chalk Holder firmly holds a 1" x 4" railroad chalk stick. "CLAIM-A-NATORS can get down to the nub with this chalk holder."
    • 5 Vibrant colors.
    • Protects your fingers from prolonged direct contact with chalk, no more dirty dry hands and chalk smears.

    Retractable Reel

    • Heavy Duty retractable chalk reel, easy access helps keep your chalk holder at the ready. 
    • Retractable chalk holder is engineered with a 32 inches high grade cable that extends & glides smoothly for easy access and won't wear out with regular daily use.
    • 2 colors, black or tan. 
    Chalk Holder Color
    Retractable Reel