STORM Essential Tool Kit


STORM Essentials Tool Kit  

The CLAIM-A-NATOR Storm Essentials Tool Kit includes ALL your essential tools to scope interior, exterior and roof damage. This tool kit is designed to compliment the STORM Adjuster Tool Belt. Each tool has been carefully scrutinized for maximum performance results and is the "Adjuster's Choice"  among tools. Name brand tools with a reputation that exceed a CLAIM-A-NATOR's performance expectations. Adjuster's rely heavily on their tools to earn a living, WHY compromise performance for savings. CLAIM-A-NATOR Storm Essential Tool Kit is the ultimate.

STORM Essential Tool Kit includes the following:

  • Stanley FatMax Tape
  • Stanley FatMax Long Tape
  • Pitch Gauge
  • Binoculars
  • Scope Light
  • Moisture Meter
  • Laser Distance Measurer
  • Metal Gauge
  • Pry Bar

All tools carry a CLAIM-A-NATOR lifetime warranty, you break it, we'll replace it.

Product Specs
  • Stanley FatMax Tape, select between a 25’ - 30' - 35’ - 40’ lengths.
  • Stanley FatMax 100' Long Tape Measure Reel. For roof and elevation measurements. 
  • Johnson Pitch/Slope Gauge. Accurate for measuring roof pitch.
  • Bushnell 10x25 compact binoculars. Rubberized and rugged, for closeup two-story scoping from the ground. 
  • Hyper Tough 150-Lumen LED Flashlight. Simple and efficient two light intensity settings. Won't bleed out the smallest of ceiling and wall stains. A retractable hook attaches to your shirt or lanyard and hangs for attic space crawling.
  • General Moisture Meter. Determine the moisture content of wood and other building materials such as drywall. Vital for making reparability decisions.
  • Laser Distance Measurer, select between the DeWALT - Leica - and Bosch, Laser Distance Measurer(LDM). Each holds 3 measurements at a time, L -W -H for fast room dimensioning. 
  • DGOL heavy duty stainless steel metal gauge. Accurate for measuring metal/aluminum roof and sidewall materials.
  • Pry Bar, 7" bar for lifting and assessing building materials. (color may vary)

STORM Essential Tool Kit - 25' / DeWALT DW099E is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.