Storm Lanyard - Grey


Storm Lanyard Kit - Grey 

This lanyard is designed to carry the load, the entire load. For super efficient CLAIM-A-NATOR scoping, the Storm Lanyard allows for “no time wasted” retrieving and stowing frequently used adjusting tools. Deployed, the lanyard harnesses the lightweight ScopeBoard, a digital camera and red ink pen. "All can be quickly detached with the quick-disconnect buckle and stowed away."

Storm Lanyard includes the following:

  • Storm Lanyard Kit

See descriptions of each component below.

    • 23" thick, durable and round cord. 3 available colors.
    • Adjustable lanyard w/safety breakaway buckle.
    • Machine washable.
    • Detachable metal clasp and quick-disconnect buckle for easy ScopeBoard stowaway.
    • 9.5"L camera lanyard and plastic snap clip.
    • Red ink "erasable" pen for efficient field notes. Even a CLAIM-A-NATOR makes penmanship errors every now and then. 
    • Retractable pen lanyard for quick and easy access