Lufkin 12” Professional SAE Measuring Wheel

By Lufkin

The 12” Lufkin® Professional SAE Measuring Wheel is an exceptional tool for accurately and rapidly gauging long fences and other structures. It can be used with vertical, horizontal, or curved surfaces, and it presents the surface dimensions of measured areas in both feet and inches. This device has a 12” wheel and a rubber tire, both of which ensure secure traction on the uneven ground of a job site or indoors. The analog counter dial shows up to 10,000 ft. before resetting. 

The "Adjuster’s Choice"
Product Specs

12" Professional SAE Measuring Wheel

  • Bolstered folding joint allows for compact storage and a longer product life
  • Over-mold pistol grip handle for increased user comfort
  • Glare-resistant counter is easy to read
  • Gear-based measuring system is more accurate and durable than the traditional belt counter
  • Aggressive treaded wheel for improved traction
  • Built in kickstand supports wheel for simple measurement recording
  • Analog counter dial resets at 10,000 ft.