Storm Scopeboard & Chalk Holder Kit


Storm ScopeBoard:

The CLAIM-A-NATOR ScopeBoard is designed to assist with documenting storm damage and stay organized. 

It makes important scope notes, elevation and roof diagrams easy and efficient. The lightweight Storm ScopeBoard can maximize your production with 3 easy ways to stow while deploying other tools:

  1. Attached to your neck lanyard
  2. Attached to your tool belt reel or
  3. Tucked away in your ScopeBoard Pouch

Chalk Holder with Heavy Duty Retractable Reel 

An adjuster's must have when CLAIM-A-NATING 5-6-7+ roofs a day. Stay clean, chalk free, by staying hands-off the dusty residue. "No more dry cracking hands, no more chalk smears across the shirt and pants."

Product Specs


  • Strong, lightweight and durable high impact plastic clipboard. 9"W x 12.5"L
  • Durable polished metal low profile clip w/sturdy long lasting spring. A retractable hanging loop for neck and waist lanyard use.
  • 5 Vibrant colors including black.
  • StraightLines/grid sheet provides professional CLAIM-A-NATOR looking field scope document results. 
  • Heavy duty sheet protector mounted on backside of the ScopeBoard for quick access to EagleView and other perimeter diagrams.
  • Heavy duty elastic band keeps your scope notes in order, on the board and not in somebody else's yard.
  • Extra clipboard pen attachment point.
  • Decimal conversion strip for quick linear feet and inches calculations. 

Chalk Holder:

  • Strong, Sturdy and durable high quality plastic. 1.3"W x 4.92"L
  • Railroad Chalk Holder firmly holds a 1" x 4" chalk stick. "CLAIM-A-NATORS can get down to the nub with this chalk holder."
  • 5 Vibrant colors including black.

Heavy Duty retractable chalk reel:

  • easy access helps keep your chalk holder at the ready. 
    Strong, Sturdy and durable high quality plastic. 1.3"W x 4.92"L
ScopeBoard Color
Chalk Holder Color