THE RIDGEPRO - The premium device for steep-slope roof safety!

FAST Rope included. The RIDGEPRO, The “Adjuster’s Choice” for scoping steep roofs up to 12/12 pitch.

Claimanator’s can use the RIDEPRO and FAST rope to climb up and down roofs fast and efficiently during inspections. A Claimanator’s must have for those steep slopes up to 12/12. 

Getting on a steep roof with only a ladder is a dangerous part of the job, but our rooftop safety equipment provides an easy and innovative design to keep you safe. It's easy to assemble, install, and use, which means you'll be stepping onto a roof to get the job done faster than other safety methods.

Constructed from solid, aircraft-grade aluminum, The RIDGEPRO™ roofing safety system's sturdiness allows for maximum movement at the greatest of heights.

  • Connect to the peak before stepping onto a steep-slope roof
  • Safely transition on and off ladders from 6/12 to 12/12 pitches
  • Faster access to the peak than standard rope-and-harness techniques
  • Lightweight alternative to bulky scaffolding or roof planks
  • Versatility across many professional roofing applications
  • Easy to assemble and install

FAST Rope:

30ft length, 5/8in solid braided lock stitch construction polyester rope that’s abrasive resistant, and easy to grip with the bare hands.

NOTE: The RIDGEPRO is safe up to a 12/12 pitch roof, beyond that, Claimanator’s use a Rope & Harness. 

 Add on to this order the CLAIM-A-NATOR Expandable Extension Pole Kit for RidgePro

What's Included
  • 30ft x 5/8” FAST rope.
Product Specs
  • Pitch : Etched pitch-grid allows user to customize 6/12 to 12/12 pitch selection
  • Safety : Innovative arch straddles ridge vent when installing
  • Safety : Exceeds industry standard of 5,000-pound tensile strength (when anchored)
  • Capabilities : Integrated rope-and-harness connection capabilities
  • Safety : Constructed from solid, aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Anchoring : Four, pre-drilled holes for anchoring (Not recommended for adjusting)
  • Pitch : Adjustable, pitch-specific settings to maximize contact between The RIDGEPRO™ and the peak